4 Easy Meal Prep Hacks

Meal Prep sounds great and when we are really “on our game” it is awesome- but what about when life gets in the way and we lose track of our goals and in return prepping for our days? I am constantly commuting for work whether by car or by plane- so I understand time constraints and priorities, especially when it comes to trying to stay healthy and fit. Based on my personal experience, I decided to write a list of 4 Easy Meal Prep Hacks- hopefully this is helpful for YOU reading this that might find it difficult to prepare lunch and snacks ahead of time yet doesn’t want to invest in a meal prep service…I UNDERSTAND YOU COMPLETELY. Comment below if this is helpful!

1. Go Frozen

I don’t mean frozen, prepared meals. I mean choose frozen foods that are on the healthier side that you can put together quickly the night before or morning of your crazy day and microwave at the office later.


Flash Frozen Organic Broccoli

Frozen, Cooked Bag of Rice or Quinoa

Frozen, Cooked Protein

2 cups broccoli, 1/2 cup rice, 4oz frozen protein like chicken, beef, pork, tofu or beans. Put everything into a glass to-go container, add a sauce that gets you exited such as salsa or siracha and when lunch time comes around, microwave for 90-120 seconds and your healthy meal is ready to go!

2. Stay Simple and Delicious

Choose three foods that you enjoy and are easy to put together. The more that we enjoy the foods we eat and can quickly put them together, the more inclined we are to prep our food.


Take 1 x Tortilla or 2 x Corn Tortillas, 1 cup black beans, lettuce, salsa, and a sprinkle of cheese- put it in a glass to- go container and you are ready to eat taco/burrito Tuesday at work and the prep was less than 2 minutes. Throw an avocado into your lunch pail and dice it up at work, save it in the container your brought once you are done eating to use the next day.

3. Frozen Berries + Protein Powder = QUICK and Yummy

I am not always the biggest fan of supplementing meals; however, sometimes you need to based on time and goals. Lately I have taken my shaker bottle in the mornings and quickly added a scoop of protein powder, 1/2 cup berries (eye-balled) and put that into my lunch box. When I am ready to eat/drink it, I add some water and shake it up and I have a very quick, simple snack for my day. This could even double as my on the go breakfast sometimes in a pinch. With all of the air travel that I do lately, this has been one of my main go-to’s since I can bring the shaker + berries (before adding liquid) through TSA.

4. It’s OK to eat a sandwich

Sandwiches can be the best thing to meal prep, as long as you choose quality items such as sprouted grain (Gluten Free if you need it!) bread, a good spread like hummus, plenty of veggies (easily take a handful of lettuce and pre-shredded carrots) and a quality protein (I prefer deli counter meat, tuna with mustard or just a loaded veggie sandwich) and you can quickly prep a meal that meets all of the macros we need: carb, protein, fat.

Finally, please don’t get caught up in the complicated world of meal prepping. The term simply means that you are preparing your meals prior to when you need to consume them. By taking your meals to work/school/travel, you will know exactly what you are eating and save time and money.  I am currently living the fast life with work and travel and the “hacks” listed above have been a game changer for me. Remember to take time to enjoy the food you packed and consistency is everything!

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