Stay On Track Snacks

The dictionary defines the word snack as:


1.a small portion of food or drink or a light meal, especially eaten between regular meals
2.a share or portion
If eaten properly and in the right portions, snacks can be a great way to keep you alert during the day, limit mood swings, and aide with getting a good night’s sleep.
Below I put together a few different snacks ideas that are quick to prepare and easy to pack so that you stay on track during your day!
1. Baby Carrots with 1 Packet of Justin’s Almond Butter. Pack 10-12 baby carrots and a packet of peanut or almond butter and this snack is no mess and SO easy to pack in your purse, gym bag, lunch box, or car!
2. Raw almonds, raw cashews, dried cranberries.  This snack is sweet and salty and if you have the proper serving size of about 8 raw almonds, 8 raw cashews and 1/4 cup cranberries*, you will stay on track with your eating throughout the day!
3. Sliced Apple and String Cheese. One of my favorite snacks, the apple is no mess and easy to pack and so is the string cheese. Just make sure to keep the string cheese in a cool place like your lunch box or fridge before eating.
4. Glass of Milk and 1/2 banana.  Milk + Banana is the perfect evening snack to consume 30 minutes before bed.  The amino acid tryptophan in the milk helps your body to prepare to sleep.
*Not all serving sizes listed are proper for your own dietary needs or goals, please consult me or another nutritionist or dietitian for proper servings sizes that meet your needs.

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